Statement on accusations of harm made against me by Kelly Germaine / Energetic Justice

As some of you may know, recently, Kelly Germaine, a former client (2 sessions in 2018) and sometimes collaborator (she later hired me to offer a class for her Energetic Justice cohort) has written a statement makings allegations of harmful behavior and character against me.

I understand that you will ultimately come to your own conclusions from her statement, linked at the bottom of this e-mail, but I would like to provide some context and commentary of my own.

First is that Kelly has a repeated pattern of committing malpractice in conflicts of interest, particularly in related to call-outs.

For example, on July 28th 2020 Kelly Germaine called out Luna Love Isbell Grace & Karen Prosen of Exalt community.

What Kelly did not include in the first version of this call-out was that Karen Prosen was actually a client of Kelly’s for 1.5 years. She only admitted to this after Karen left a comment that revealed their whole professional relationship.

This is a lie by omission.

The complex power dynamic between Kelly and the facilitators is a critically important detail. Kelly willfully put herself in situation that it will be very difficult for her to parse out whether her internal experience is coming from the vigilance of being a vulnerable participant, or an expert that is monitoring and controlling their former client’s work. This is especially relevant since so much of what she claims as harm are about her being triggered by intensity.

Kelly’s decision to put herself in such a sensitive situation raises even more concern given that in a recent podcast interview published in Oct 2020, she says herself that she is recovering from being in cult-like dynamics and has an addiction of trying to fix cult leaders and spiritual spaces.

(Here is the full interview)

It is understandable for professionals to have maladaptive patterns in their life they are working through. But this isn’t the same as whether she should be putting herself in powerful dual relationships that can easily trigger those patterns.

My professional understanding is that if Kelly was to take the risk of going to this retreat, she needed to be prepared to not be triggered by her vigilant scanning for the kind of non-violent mistakes that she felt the facilitators were making. From that, I would comfortably say the very choices she documents in her call-out themselves to be malpractice.

You can read her full call-out of the Exalt community here.

Next, Kelly has committed another series of malpractice in her call-out of me.

I can confirm there is at least one former client and one former friend of mine, that are clients and students of Kelly, whose testimonies are behind some of the allegations in the letter.

This at least includes:

1. A single-session client who was experiencing transference with me that I referred to another practitioner when they told me that is happening. Here is my communication with them around the issue. Obviously, under any normal circumstances, I would never share my communication with former clients but unfortunately, this is a case they are conspiring in harm against me and they have provided material evidence that goes against the claims they are making through Kelly’s letter.

2. Mercedes Grant, a former friend, who is also a signee of the EJ letter, would have heard non-substantiated claims about my alleged behavior through two common acquaintances, one of which was a former collaborator Mara Cur, who went around spreading rumors about me to her community without actually doing any checking-in about the validity of them whatsoever. Mara is documented lying about significant details around the claims. You can learn more, here.

Based on my current knowledge, I do not see any testimonies linked to these above people to contain any material that substantiates harm beyond the interpretation of triggers from things I casually said or did.

More importantly though, is the fact that, for Kelly, receiving any allegations of harm from these two people who she has immense power over is a gross conflict of interest dynamic that is ripe for abuse. This is especially more high impact given she claims she has had unspoken reservations of her own experiences with me.

Even worse is that I am not just a former consultant and collaborator. I am also a competitor who has innovated the field of cultural somatics practice that she has built her business in and whose frameworks and practices she has integrated into her own. Her approach to ‘anti-racist energetics’ is directly inspired by the early seminars I gave on whiteness and the subtle energetic body, through which she learned about in 2018, and her subsequent direct work with me as a client and collaborator (she hired me to teach for her).

Based on this, I consider Kelly’s call-out to be substantial malpractice. It is written with mostly vague claims of character and the only details provided at best are highly interpretive about the actual intention of my behaviors. Its lack of integrity and checks-and-balances cannot be justified when they are in such a direct conflict of interest with me as a competitor.

While her call-out does not offer conclusive evidence of my character one way or the other, what it does definitively show she is abusing her power as a practitioner, teacher (who is offering certification programs), and business operator harming me and her students/clients.

I also believe she is engaging in a kind of exploitation of another’s practice that we would often categorize as (cultural) appropriation.​
Finally, in regards to the allegations of harm against me, from information provided in Kelly’s letter and my own investigation of matters, including conversations with former partners and documentation of repeated patterns of false, projected, and distorted allegations of harm against me made by certain vindictive individuals, my best current understanding is that there are no allegations connected to Kelly’s letter I would consider valid and substantial.

So with all this said, I invite you to read this statement by Energetic Justice about me and the RAJ School.

Please feel feel to ask me any clarifying questions or offer me any information about the spreading allegations that may help me address them.