Hi, I’m Tada.
I’m a philosopher, artist, and somatic practitioner of Japanese ancestry living in diaspora, mostly in Vancouver BC Canada.

I was born to a body that reads as male but my deepest spiritual algorithm is female and always has been. I am also on the autistic spectrum and a childhood sexual abuse survivor. The development of my practice has followed alongside my exploration of this.

I am probably most well-known for innovating an open-source framework for collective healing formerly known as cultural somatics and now named cultural energetics in order to distinguish it from adjacent yet different politicized somatics work.

Currently, I am in the process of completing a five-year cycle of stewarding cultural somatics and reinventing my practice for the next iteration. Some ingredients I am cooking up together in an emergent stew are: Japanese somatics and folk animism, AI/VR/Web3, nondual tantra, folkloric dance, and the revelations of Asian/Brown Queer Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

I am available for consultation on these subjects.

I also have a podcast and write blog articles, amongst other things.

You can read more about my story here.

I can be contacted at info@tadahozumi.com

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