I offer support services to both individuals, including organizational leaders using an animist-somatic approach.

One of the foundations of my working style is that I see the cultures that we belong to are in fact bodies made of bodies, or rather ‘cultural somas’. I think one of the simplest ways to understand this is to take Jung’s idea of a collective unconscious and see that it has an actual body with a nervous system. From there, we may understand ancestors and other intangible presences are really beings that live in this ‘cultural nervous system’ and access your local, individual nervous system through this unseen network.

I enjoy this approach to both individual and cultural healing because it shows us that everything you learn about the transformational process of your own body, you can also apply it to the healing of the larger somas and nervous systems we belong to.

This allows us to achieve deep results without being tied to ideological agendas and truly staying in embodied process.

Following, here are some things I may be able to help you with:

  • Developing ancestral healing practices that are culturally responsible
  • Working with oppression as trauma in the body, without needing to rely on an orthodox social justice lens
  • Building authentic relationships across race, culture, gender, ability, and other identities, without needing to rely on an orthodox social justice lens
  • Stewarding a culturally transformative business as an embodied practitioner or spiritual healer
  • Healing burn-out from engaging in orthodox social justice activism
  • Facilitating restorative group processes, including navigating accountability abuse

If you are interested in working with me, below are more details about my rates and links to my booking app.


All sessions are 60-75minutes

  • Individuals: $100-125 
  • Therapists/healers in private practice: $125-150 
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are sustaining: $150-200
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are thriving: $200+

NOTE: These rates are for people who have practices or jobs that are financially sustaining. If you are in a different situation, such as being a student or being between work, please still feel free to book a consultation or e-mail me at I would be totally happy to work out an alternate rate if it seems like we are a good fit otherwise!

Protocol for Relationship

Before you book me for a session, I would like to ask you to read this protocol that I’ve designed that outlines how I like to navigate relationships within a small, interconnected purpose-driven community.

My basic understanding is that by working with me you agree to mutually uphold this protocol in our relationship.


30minute free consult

60-75 minute consult