I facilitate healing that is personal, political and spiritual.

We can have great impact as a community if each one of us stepped up to do our own healing. When we commit to healing ourselves, we can affect others by modelling self-compassion rather than by trying to control the behaviour of others.

I can help you with:

  • Communicating in your relationships around social justice issues.
  • Aligning your professional, sexual or personal desires with your values.
  • Healing your traumas in a way that recognizes the relationship between the personal and political
  • Learning breath and mindfulness exercises to create a healthy space of compassion in yourself

If you are ready to take this leap of faith, I would be honoured to be a companion in your healing journey.

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How I work

I am trained in expressive arts therapy and body-mind therapy. I work primarily with movement, imagination, mindfulness and other body-based methods. This is because I believe the body is where the personal truly meets the political.

Sessions with me are a collaboration between your curiosity and my intuitive guidance. For best results I recommend setting an intention for our work and committing to a number of regular sessions.

I am available via Skype and phone phone as well as in-person. I am located on Cortes Island BC and some times come into Vancouver AKA Unceded Coast Salish Territories.


My rate for 1-on-1 is $80-120 USD.

Contact me

Please e-mail or use the form below to set up a brief phone/Skype consultation.

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