Somatic Ancestral Healing (For Tio’tia:ke AKA Montreal)

This is an experimental offering that is exclusive to residents of Tio’tia:ke AKA Montreal.


My approach to ancestral healing is rooted in both somatics. Like in any relationship, it is important for us to be able to tune in to the body’s messages for wisdom to develop a healthier connection.

My practice also has a liberation focus. That means that my work is tailored to people whose life focus is on liberatory work and understand the connection between individual healing and cultural healing.

While no series of sessions will likely have the same arc, or even follow the same order, here are some basic ingredients to the work as I offer it:

  • Cultivation and healing of the gut brain. When we experience trauma, it permanently alters the state of our gut microbiome and this change can be passed down across many generations. Because of this, the gut is an important central focus for somatic ancestral healing.
  • Restoration of ancestral practices and wisdom. This is related to the cultivation and healing of the gut brain. By nature, healing the gut requires us to tap into elder ways of being that were friendlier to a healthy gut.
  • Ancestral reconnection. Healthier gut brain conditions open us up to more safety in spiritual experiences such as ancestral reconnection. In my style, I coach people on developing healthier relationships with ancestors who are relatively healthy and well resourced i.e. they can be supportive presences to us AND ancestors who are more troubled i.e. they may require support themselves to be in a good connection to you.
  • A conceptual framework for understanding how individual ancestral healing fits in with the larger healing of our culture. I can’t explain all of this here but happy to chat about it in a consultation!


If you are interested in this offering, please note I have set up the below requisites to ensure safety in our work:

  • You are in a place of being appropriately emotionally resourced. I know the limits of my own capacity and I presently don’t feel like I have the skills to support people in more urgent situations, or even crisis, to go through a highly spiritual transformation process.
  • Some experience with somatic practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and dance. I believe cultivation of mind-body connection to be absolutely critical to a safe spiritual process.
  • Some experience with ritual, altars, and other kinds of magick-y stuff. I work best with people who already have a lot of their own strong interests in this type of journey! Maybe you have even already begun your ancestral healing process.


Rate for one session is $80-100/60min. I recommend a series of 4-6 sessions for good results.