I am currently taking a bit of a break from taking on new clients as I reshape some core aspects of my practice – The booking information below are for current clients. If you would like me to personally follow up with you when I am ready to open my practice again, please email me at and drop me a little note.



All sessions are 60-75minutes

  • Individuals: $100-125 
  • Therapists/healers in private practice: $125-150 
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are sustaining: $150-200
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are thriving: $200+

NOTE: These rates are for people who have practices or jobs that are financially sustaining. If you are in a different situation, such as being a student or being between work, please still feel free to book a consultation or e-mail me at I would be totally happy to work out an alternate rate if it seems like we are a good fit otherwise!


60-75 minute consult