Reclaiming Movement

Date TBA

Our bodies embody the world we live in.

The forces of modern colonization, Westernization and patriarchy have changed the way we live in our bodies, impacting even how we breathe and move in our daily routines, with the general trend being a growing distrust of our intuition and over-reliance on reason and brute force.

Reclaiming Movement explores breath and movement as practices of resilience that can bring us in to more inner balance and awareness of the world around us.

This instalment of Reclaiming Movement will include:

  • An introduction to historical movement and alignment concepts that flourished before modern colonization including chi/ki/prana
  • Individual movement explorations of embodied oppression

This session is open to people of all bodies and ethnic / cultural expressions.

This session may require a certain amount of processing outside of the session. External support from friends, family members and professional therapists and counsellors may also be helpful.