Music as village, dance as collective thinking, and Black/POC grief and healing: A conversation with Charles Sue-Wah-Sing

Charles and I first met almost 10 years ago as big boss and intern, respectively, when I did a little stint in my life as a web designer.

We re-connected for the first time in about a decade to talk about all of the things we didn’t get to talk about in the office: whiteness, empathy through embodiment, Black grief, and more. It was great to be able to talk through how I can use the metaphor of dance as a way to understand my allyship nurturance work fits in the broader landscape activist culture.

NOTES: Some corrections to facts in the video. Another artist in my residency, a Korean woman, hung out with me and the youth dancers a bit. After the chat with Charles I remembered that she did a project where she drew portraits of the youth of colour we met on the walls of the art gallery. This was one of her portraits below. Unfortunately, I do not remember her name as I have long lost contact with the art world.

If this post resonated with you and you are a white person I would like to invite you to learn more abouut the Authentic Allyship Coaching Group (for white people).

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About Charlies Sue-Wah-Sing
Change Agent, Coach, Speaker, Author

Charles comes with over 25 years of experience in building, leading and mentoring teams in a variety of capacities including design, customer experience, strategy and technology. Charles has facilitated workshops for a variety Fortune 500 clients, particularly in the areas of healthcare, finance and media. He’s also done work in the non-profit and technology spaces.

His inspiration is in guiding leaders and their teams towards a work-life grounded in purpose. As a change agent and coach he helps leaders and their organization navigate cultural transformations. He does this by helping organizations embrace their values and beliefs, discovering their higher purpose, develop their emotional intelligence and communication skills, identify and leverage each other’s strengths and consider the consequences of their leadership mindsets.

Charles has completed programs at: CTI for Life Coaching, Landmark for wellness, self-expression and leadership, and Orphan Wisdom to learn the arts of living deeply and a handmade life.