I offer conversational and somatic consulting on a variety of subjects from the profane to the profound.

These can include:

  • Healing ancestral lineages, especially sexual trauma, through alchemical work
  • Gut restoration practices, also known as Hara work
  • Cancel culture and other ‘restorative justice’ issues
  • ‘Animist’ approaches to embodied activism
  • Advising on organizational structures and processes that remediate cultural trauma patterns
  • Advising on subjects such as AI, UBI, and other currently relevant topics from a reparative/regenerative economy lens

My consulting style is very improvisational and it changes often based on emergent interests of mine. Sometimes I’m directive. Sometimes I sit back and simply hold space. I can be brash, wild, upfront but also kind. I’m also happy to work with people who are altered by plant medicines, and I may participate as well (cannabis).

If you know me through my podcasts or social media, you’re probably going to get something similar to that in our private work.

I consider all my consulting as work being done between peers and embrace the complexities of dual relationships with my clients.



Note: Discount rates are available for great fits. In the end, my work is all about people and relationships. Please inquire.


Please book an initial 30-minute consult so we can get to know each other. You will get access to a 60-75minute booking link after.