Hi there.

In helping you explore your desire to connect with me, I would like to first describe how I currently see the weird and wonderful landscape that our relationship is happening within.

I see that, underneath our usual cognitive awareness, we are swimming in an ocean of energetic information, that we experience through an apparatus we refer to as our nervous system, with all of its emergent sensations, emotions, and cognitions. The splishes and splashes of this water-y body, which I sometimes refer to as the ‘cultural soma‘, has its own dreams that it’s dreaming and it is these dreams that surface into our lives. The intangible beings that inhabit this dreaming world, we may call ancestors, spirits, memes (information as entity, not the internet pictographic ‘meme’ although very related), and so on.

My understanding is that this multi-layered nature of reality is neither good nor bad, and in fact, most often in between. What lays underneath simply wants to be seen. We can enjoy this ‘wanting to be seen’ energy in a pleasurable way, through creativity and expressive means, including sexuality. Or we can experience it as damning in the ways it shows up as oppression and abuse on both individual and collective levels.

My current life and professional practice is the stewarding of these dreams into the material present moment. I don’t find there to necessarily be one unified goal here. Sometimes it is for healing. Sometimes it is for pleasure. Sometimes it is for change. Sometimes it is for the experience itself.

In engaging in such a practice, I hold that we often do not know what our connections are meant to be until we really attune to what is organically presencing into our mutual space and listen to the needs and desires of the ancestors, spirits, and other beings that are a part of our psyche’s matrices. Pragmatically, I’m open to our encounter leading me to be your teacher, student, consultant, client, friend, colleague, flirt, collaborator, and even lover or partner. It might even be a mix of these things.

So if you would like to organically explore what our connection might be, please feel free to book a 30-minute initial ‘date’ through which we may explore what information is emerging from the collective body and how we may most pleasurably and responsibly work with that. You can book me for that here:

I also understand that sometimes folks know exactly what they want, including situations that call for urgent attention, and an initial exploratory consult is not what is necessarily needed. I’m happy to work with you in a 60min paid consult booking that is held in professional practitioner-client consultation, as long as we understand that working as practitioner-client doesn’t nearly define our future relationship interactions.

Following, below are more details about my consulting practice including rates and booking information.


I offer supportive consultation services to both individuals, including organizational leaders using an embodied approach that is tuned into our interbeing with intangible beings that our elder cultures refer to as goddesses/gods, spirits, ancestors, daemons, and more.

Following, here are some things I may be able to help you with:

  • Developing ancestral healing practices that are culturally responsible
  • Working with oppression as trauma in the body
  • Building authentic relationships across race, culture, gender, ability, and other identities, without needing to rely on an orthodox social justice lens
  • Stewarding a culturally transformative business as an embodied practitioner or spiritual healer
  • Healing burn-out from engaging in orthodox social justice activism
  • Facilitating restorative group processes, including navigating accountability abuse

If you are interested in working with me, below are more details about my rates and links to my booking app.


All sessions are 60-75minutes

  • Individuals: $100-150 
  • Practitioners in private practice: $150-175 
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are sustaining: $175-225
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are thriving: $225+

NOTE: These rates are for people who have practices or jobs that are financially sustaining. If you are in a different situation, such as being a student or being between work, please still feel free to book a consultation or e-mail me at I would be totally happy to work out an alternate rate if it seems like we are a good fit otherwise!


60-75 minute sessions