Authentic Allyship Videos

These videos are offered through Mindful Payment

I believe it is crucial for allyship to be based on principles of healthy relating, including mutual nourishment and enthusiastic consent. That is why I have decided to offer these allyship nurturance videos through “Mindful Payment”, a radical business practice based on trust and self-accountability. I ask you to contribute an amount that expresses the nourishment and value you have received from my work.

Here are some questions to help you decide how much you would like to contribute:

  • What is your socioeconomic status?
  • If you are a healing professional or educator, how does my work support your practice and livelihood?  
  • Are you planning to use my work in a group setting through which you will be generating revenue?

NOTE: If you feel like you cannot pay an amount that satisfies your desire, please remember you can always support me by sharing my work with others.

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