Authentic Allyship (The course)

Authentic Allyship

Authentic Allyship is a nurturance project that supports white allies in stepping into allyship that is NOT based on shame but mutual nourishment and vulnerability.

A holistic and decolonized approach to racial justice:
Treating whitness as an energetic dis-ease caused by intersecting cultural and childhood trauma  

My approach is founded on two core understandings:

1. Whiteness is an energetic dis-ease that affects our embodied self-concept and nervous system, which in turn express itself as a systemic issue: racism. True healing requires us to work on the level of the body.

- and -

2. Whiteness causes unnecessary suffering and violence by acting as amplifiers for repressed emotions from childhood and cultural trauma. This is why truly transformative social justice work must be based in nurturance.

The Videos

These video lessons are offered through "Mindful Payment", a radical business practice based on trust and accountability. I ask you to contribute an amount that expresses the nourishment and value you have received from my work.