Authentic Allyship Mentorship

About the mentorship

The aim of this mentorship program is to transfer skills and frameworks used in Authentic Allyship to practitioners so that they may go out into the world to facilitate transformative and intersectional cultural healing work through their various practices.

Mentees will work directly with me (Tada Hozumi) over a 6-month period.

This is NOT a training program with a certification where people will learn a particular approach created by me.

Each mentee relationship will have its own journey, based on the practices that are brought to the work.

I think the easiest way to describe the difference is using the metaphor of dancing. This program is less about teaching someone a specific set of steps, but providing tools for them to deepen their style.

Core competencies

Below are core competencies set as universal goals for each 6-month mentorship.

An understanding of the various aspects of the cultural nervous system framework

The cultural nervous system framework is a way of understanding the cultures we belong to as complex beings with bodies, just like ourselves.

It is a key concept that provides the scaffolding to re-interpret social justice theory through the lens of trauma-resilient somatic healing. Out of the cultural nervous system framework, comes ideas such as cultural attachment, cultural complex trauma, cultural polyvagal theory and more.

The mentorship focuses on not just a cognitive understanding of the cultural nervous system framework but the embodied ability to ‘sense and feel’ it working in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.

An understanding of Hara (the gut) and its relationship to oppressions such as white supremacy

Hara is the Japanese word for the energetic center in the lower abdomen.

Hara has also been called by many other names, including but not limited to: the Cauldron of Warming (Celtic shamanism), Kath (Sufism), Yesod (Kabbalah), Sacral/root/solar plexus Chakras (Yoga), Lower Dan Tien (Qigong), and sometimes simply The Womb.

Modern neuroscience calls Hara the enteric nervous system or the gut-brain and recognizes it as the foundation for emotional and physical well-being.

An understanding of Hara is crucial to cultural healing because it is the very place that colonialism has hurt us.

Mentees will commit to developing a Hara self-practice through which they will learn to sense, feel and think with their Hara.

A cultivation of Hara is absolutely necessary to be able to work with the cultural nervous system in a responsible way.


The above core competencies will be assessed at the bookending of the initial mentorship period.

I understand that every practice is unique and would like to co-create a method of assessment that feels appropriate to each person.

Here are some possibilities that I am thinking of:

  • A writing piece by the practitioner on their practice and how it works with the above core competencies. Such a piece might also be resourced for the practitioners’ professional materials like their website.
  • An evaluation of a recorded group or one-on-one session.

It is important to me that the assessment process is in place, not to pass or fail people, but to uphold the intention of the mentorship and set a standard of practice.

In this spirit, I would like to intentionally work with practitioners that I feel can integrate the above core competencies in a 6-month container.

NOTE: In a situation where the assessment process requires an extensive amount of additional time (more than 2-hours), there may be additional fees applied that will be agreed to between me and the practitioner.

Upholding the mentorship in professional practice

This mentorship is understood as a relationship.

At the completion of the initial mentorship period, mentees that are assessed as having adequately absorbed the core competencies of Authentic Allyship will be given the invitation to reflect the completion of their mentorship in their professional practice.

They will also be listed publicly on either Tada’s website, or a new website just for Authentic Allyship, as mentees who have completed an initial mentorship period.

Mentees agree that a reflection of their commitment to transformative and intersectional cultural healing in their professional practice and conduct is necessary to maintain the relationship.

Tada also agrees that their commitment to transformative and intersectional cultural healing in their professional practice and conduct is necessary to maintain the relationship.

The mentorship relationship will end for both parties, including the removal of any public reflections of the mentorship if either the mentee or Tada sufficiently feel the other party is no longer acting in good faith to the values of Authentic Allyship.


  • 6-month mentorship with one 60-75 minute mentorship session on zoom per month + one ad-hoc 60-75 minute mentorship session
  • Check-ins via e-mail as appropriate to Tada’s time and energy

Required resources

  • Introduction to Authentic Allyship course package (included with mentorship)
  • Dancing in the Streets: A history of collective joy by Barabara Ehrenreich (to be purchased separately)

Recommended resources

  • Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown
  • My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

Requisites to apply

  • Certification in a modality, including but not limited to: somatic therapy, yoga therapy, herbalism, acupuncture, reiki, counseling, birth support  (midwifery/doula)
  • A working understanding of social justice theory
  • Currently practicing in a professional capacity
  • Have experienced my work through one-on-one coaching, The Authentic Allyship program, or very familiar with it through my writing

NOTE: Please contact me at if you are really interested in the program but your training background doesn’t quite easily fit into this container. I totally understand things are never 100% straightforward!


$250/month for 6 months (includes one ad-hoc session)

Additional ad-hoc sessions are $150-$175 per 60-75minute session

NOTE 1: The mentorship may be deferred for an agreed period of time but there are no refunds available.

NOTE 2: If the mentorship must be canceled by me due to extraneous circumstances such as an illness on my part, pro-rated fees will be refunded.

NOTE 3: The above fee might change depending on the needs of each mentorship relationship. I will be discussing this with mentees on a case-by-case basis.


If you would like to apply for this mentorship, please arrange a 1-hour meeting with me as well as fill out this application form.

Please only book a meeting if:

  • You are currently able to take on the financial commitment of the mentorship
  • You have appropriate time and energy available to put towards the mentorship
  • You are in a place to share your practice with the world
  • You fulfill the above requisites to apply