Allyship Starter Kit (for white folks)

I understand whiteness as a traumatic pattern that is held in the body which manifests itself as a set of attitudes and ideas that affect our relationships.

Below is a ‘starter kit’ composed of some material compiled from the Authentic Allyship program to help you begin your journey into healing whiteness and your relationship to people of color.

Note 1: This starter kit isn’t an A-to-B linear course. It is more like a gathering of basic ingredients that you can use to start fermenting your own sense of body-centered relational allyship.

Note 2: While this package was created for white folks I think people of all kinds would benefit from the material and you are invited to check it out regardless of your racial or cultural identities.

[WEBINAR] Whiteness as an energetic embodiment

This webinar covers:

  • The basics of energetic anatomy from Asian/Chinese medicine
  • How trauma affects the body energetically
  • How whiteness manifests in the body as trauma
  • Postural differences between white and pre-colonial cultures and what they mean

[PRACTICE] Introduction to Hara breathing

Hara is the Japanese word for the foundation of our autonomic nervous system, the gut-brain (enteric nervous system).

As whiteness is traumatic information held in the nervous system, restoration of healthy Hara functioning is absolutely essential to healing whiteness.

[WEBINAR] Introduction to Authentic Allyship

This webinar covers:

  • How our attachment wounds, both from childhood and ancestry impact allyship
  • How emotional contagion (empathy) impacts allyship
  • How self-awareness of our attachment wounds and self-regulation of our nervous system regulation create the foundations for healthy allyship

[GUIDE] How to talk to other white people about racism: Introduction + Part 1

This mini-guide goes over the basics of relating to others around the subject of racism in a healthy way.

It addresses core relational issues such as nervous system regulation and co-dependency.

Part 2 is yet to be written.

Read here

UPDATE: April 15th 2018

The Authentic Allyship program is currently closed for new registrations.

There are some exciting new developments in the works coming in the next few months that I would love to tell you about when they come to fruition.

Please signup here if you would like to be notified when the updated program re-opens for registration.